Our Story

If you are browsing our page you are most likely a parent like us.  We are parents to two fantastic boys.  You may have also had issues with potty training like we did.  Every time we would walk into the bathroom there would be pee everywhere!!!  On the toilet under the toilet seat and on the floor.  Our boys were able to pee on places we didn't even know the toilet had.  We immediately went online to search for a product that would solve our problems.  There were many other splash guards available but none that were good.  They all seemed too large and bulky. More importantly they had to be put in place every time our son needed to go.  This made the bathroom almost unusable to anyone else.  So we created the P Wall.

Our innovative product requires only one installation instead of being moved in and out of place with every use.  It is easy to clean.  Most importantly it creates a large barrier that prevents the yellow brown stains that trouble us the most.